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[faq][faq_item title=”What is “Bubble hash”?”]Bubble Hash is a general term for the cannabis process that requires an ice and water agitation before being concentrates through micron bags and cured. Under this category falls Ice-wax which refers to a high-tier, refined version bubble hash that is 60-90% trichrome heads. This process requires much attention to detail and knowledge of your starting material. Considering the main difference between the two is purity and appearance, ice-wax is generally vaporized while bubble hash is generally smoked on top of cannabis flowers.[/faq_item][/faq]
[faq][faq_item title=”What is “Rosin”?”]Rosin refers to a concentrated oil made using heat and pressure to remove it from the plant matter. This is a high-tier concentrate that fetches top dollar prices due to the lack of availability and high-demand. This new age process has become extremely popular among craft cannabis enthusiast and is taking the concentrate scene by storm.[/faq_item][/faq]
[faq][faq_item title=”What is “Dry Sift”?”]Dry-sift is a specific term used to describe a concentrate made by refining kief or trichrome heads of the cannabis plant with agitation and screens. This process requires sieving with multiple micron screens in order to target the raw trichrome head resulting in a sticky, “melty” concentrate. This is the oldest dated form of cannabis extraction and credits the Morocco for its origins.[/faq_item][/faq]
[faq][faq_item title=”What is “Shatter”?”]Shatter is a general term used to describe extracts made with cured, dry cannabis material. The extract is in clear, glass-like state making it easy to handle. The stability is beneficial because of the increase in shelf-life and the extracts ability to lock in terpenes. This is a popular option for the general consumer who may not have a vaporizer and just wants something to blend with their flowers.[/faq_item][/faq]
[faq][faq_item title=”What is “Live-Resin”?”]Live-Resin is a general term used to describe extracts made with fresh or “live” cannabis material. This is a new favorite among cannabis connoisseurs because the high terpene content available in the fresh, wet material. If properly made, the extract is sappy, floral, and pungent leaving the consumer with the sensation that they were there while the plant was still alive! Also a lightness in the products color often suggests the material was run “live”. This process takes intensive planning with the producers, sacrifices yield, and requires extra distillations in order to deliver a product that is true to its name. This has become a Willamette Valley Alchemy specialty product but only has limited availability in the top retail locations in the Oregon.[/faq_item][/faq]

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