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Willamette Valley Alchemy specializes in hydrocarbon-based cannabis extractions using custom solvent blends creating truly unique extracts. Extracts are potent, ranging from 65-95% cannabinoids and are best vaporized. Our highly-skilled, botanical extraction team focuses on terpene preservation, stability, and cleanliness making our extracts the choice option for any craft-cannabis connoisseur. From Live-Resin to Shatter, our extracts are made with the highest-grade cannabis sourced locally and grown in and around the world renowned Willamette Valley. Our laboratory is fitted with domestically made, top-of-the-line equipment ensuring the product’s highest quality from start to finish. Treat yourself and look for Willamette Valley Alchemy extracts in a dispensary near you!

What is “Shatter”?

Shatter is a general term used to describe extracts made with cured, dry cannabis material. The extract has a clear, glass-like consistency making it easy to handle. The stability of shatter is beneficial because it leads to an increase in shelf-life and locks in terpenes.  This is a popular option for the general consumer who may not have a vaporizer and just wants something to blend with their flowers. Shatter is best stored in parchment paper in a cool dark place.

What is “Live-Resin”?

Live-Resin is a general term used to describe extracts made with fresh or “live” cannabis material. This is a new favorite among cannabis connoisseurs due to the high terpene content available in fresh, wet material. If properly made, the extract is sappy, floral, and pungent leaving the consumer with the sensation that they are actually smelling the live plant! Another characteristic of Live-Resin is the product’s extreme lightness in color when compared to a traditional extract. This process takes intensive planning with the producers, often sacrifices yield, and requires extra care in order to deliver a product that is true to its name. This has become a Willamette Valley Alchemy specialty product but only has limited availability in the top retail locations in the Oregon.





“Diamonds” are a WVA specialty product that refers to a batch-dependent, full-spectrum blend of crystalized THCa and HTE (High Terpene Extract). This proprietary process takes over a month to achieve and requires specific cannabis strains that yield high terpene percentages in order to create the ultimate “Diamonds” experience.  Whether it be Live or Cured material, it is always small batch and packaged cold to ensure quality. WVA “Diamonds” are highly sought-after by connoisseurs in search of the ultimate dabbing experience available on the market today.

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